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-Walt Disney

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

inthebag framed award

Be inspired by the paper bag.  Here is an opportunity to “Save the Earth” and design a gift by participating in the Paper Bag Challenge.

First, be inspired by this inventor. Did you know that Margaret Knight invented the machine for folding flat-bottom paper bags?  These machines are still used today, and she didn’t stop there. This amazing woman  received over 20 patents and conceive almost 100 different inventions and all during the 1800′s!  In the Bag!: Margaret Knight Wraps It Up written by Monica Kulling is a wonderful biography of her accomplishments.
Enjoy Robert Munsch’ The Paper Bag Princess.  Princess Elizabeth is resourceful in a humorous fashion. This fairy tale provides a great twist and lesson for all. Listen to the author read his book.

Task: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Did you know that if every household reused a paper grocery bag 60,000 tress would be saved? Help reduce your family’s environmental footprint this holiday season by redefining a paper bag(s) into an original, ingenious gift! Make a present for someone using a paper bag(s).
1. Single Entries only.
2. All entries must have submission form attached (see Mrs. Luzon in room 211 for form)
3. Paper bags as wrapping paper or gift bags will not be accepted.  All bags must be created or incorporated into a gift.
4. All entries are due Friday, January 9th!

Here is a video, Ideas Recycling Bottles, to activate some creative thinking.
"You got this in the Bag!"

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